Sunday 7 January 2024 - 19:21
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Video: Iran's interior minister orders SnappFood to change name

Qomnews : Iranian interior minister says online food ordering platform SnappFood should change its name, referring to the recent cyber attack against it and leaking users’data.
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According to Qomnews Gen. Ahmad Vahidi made the remarks on the sidelines of the cabinet meeting on Sunday.

Touching upon SnappFood claims on reaching an agreement with the “irleaks” hacker group, he pointed out the name of this company and stated that this name should be changed.

A hacker group, identified as “irleaks” (presumably indicating Iran Leaks), publicly disclosed the Snappfood cyber attack on Breach Forums and Telegram on December 31.

Hackers claimed they had acquired an extensive trove of data exceeding 3TB.

In the wake of this data breach, the hackers publicly disclosed a sample of the stolen data on the notorious Breach Forums, indicating the specifics of the compromised information.
Reporter : Qomnews Editorial
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