Qom News
Video: Rainy day in Jamkaran Mosque in Qom
12 Jan 2024
Photos: People of Qom met with Ayatollah Khamenei On the anniversary of 19 Dey
10 Jan 2024
Thousands of pilgrims left Qom terminals for Arbaeen
11 Aug 2023
People in Qom hold mourning ceremonies to mark Muharram
24 Jul 2023
Eid al-Adha prayer performed in Qom
29 Jun 2023
“Neighborhood Assistants” workshop held in Qom
15 Jan 2023
“Neighborhood Assistants” project to be held in eight districts of Qom
15 Jan 2023
Implementation of large-scale urban projects aims to realize social justice
11 Jan 2023
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