Sunday 28 August 2022 - 11:46
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Fars province to inaugurate 53k sq m sports atmosphere in govt. week

Qomnews : The inauguration of 30 new projects will add around 53,000 square meters to sports atmospheres of Fars province, southwest Iran, in the government week projects, a provincial official said.
Fars province to inaugurate 53k sq m sports atmosphere in govt. week
Fars province to inaugurate 53k sq m sports atmosphere in govt. week
Heydar Safarpur, Head of the Youth and Sports General Directorate of Fars province, told IRNA on Sunday that the province plans to stand second in terms of the number of project inaugurations after Hormozgan province.

All projects that are being inaugurated in Fars province are totally accomplished ones, he said, adding that the finalized sports projects will provide enthusiasts with the opportunity to exercise without any concern about completion of the projects.

According to the official, the per capita of sports atmospheres in Fars province stood at 52 centimeters, but it has increased to 53 centimeters during the administration of President Ebrahim Raisi.

However, the per capita of sports atmospheres throughout the country has been estimated 70 centimeters, Safarpur said, noting that the authorities in Fars province will make all-out efforts to reach the sports atmospheres to the national per capita in the near future thanks to the support by the popular administration.

He also said that Fars province with about 500 half-finished projects stands at the top of the list in this respect, arguing that these projects require huge amount of money, but the officials are determined to speed up completion of the projects.

The mentioned projects, which will be inaugurated in the government week, consist of 2 multi-purpose sports facilities, 24 artificial turf fields for mini-football, 3 large artificial turf fields and 1 youth house, he added.

The projects are scheduled to be inaugurated in different cities and towns, including Neyriz, Khanj, Larestan, Ghyrukarzin, Firoozabad, Ouz, Bakhtegan, Pasargad, Jahrom, Frashband, Fasa, Mehr, Khafr, Khorrambid, Darab, Shiraz, Kazeroun, Kouh Chenar and Bovanat, he noted.
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