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1st videocast episode of Iran Web & Mobile Festival to be published

Qomnews : After two years of hiatus in Iran's Web and Mobile Festival, it will resume its activities with the release of the first episode of the Iran Web and Mobile Festival videocast, aiming to share the experience.
1st videocast episode of Iran Web & Mobile Festival to be published
1st videocast episode of Iran Web & Mobile Festival to be published
According to Qomnews, the activities of the Iran Web and Mobile Festival will be resumed after a two-year break with some modifications.

In the new round of this festival, the sections of judging and registration of sites and applications would be omitted, and the way of its implementation has also undergone changes.

Significant changes in Iran's Web & Mobile Festival

Shayan Shalileh, one of the founders of this festival, stressed that this year the Iranian web and mobile festival has taken a different approach.

This year, there would be no judging and registration of the site and consequently the awards section, he said.

Because we believe that all the people who manage their own business this year are winners. We won't choose a winner because we believe that everyone in this market is entrepreneurship and active, is a winner, and deserves appreciation, Shalileh added.

Milad Ahramposh, another founder of this festival, referred to the new approach and said, "This year, with a different approach, we are going to advance the most important goal of the festival, which is to transfer experience from one generation to another while helping develop the online business environment."

In this regard, we decided to have a series of video podcasts with green content on various topics such as product management, human resource management, marketing management, etc., he stated.

This year, more than anything else, we need educational content and experience sharing. Therefore, the focus of this year's festival is to transfer specialized and professional experiences to the new generation, Ahramposh noted.

Shayan Shalileh and Milad Ahrampoosh, the founders of the Iran Web and Mobile Festival, will host these videocasts. 

In addition, the program will be aired in 10 episodes about different topics with the presence of 20 guests.

Product managers of Doktoreto & Snap, guests of the first videocast of Iran's Web and Mobile Festival

Hossam Asaadi, senior product manager of Doctoreto, and Dana Ebrahimi, senior product manager of Snapp, two of the successful people in the field of product management who are currently working in 2 big startups in Iran, will appear as guests in the first episode of the videocast.

The videocast will be broadcast on Wednesdays for free via the Instagram account of Iran Web and Mobile Festival (www.instagram.com/iwmf.ir) at 15:15.

The videocasts then would be available at all media platforms of Iran's Web and Mobile Festival.
The festival secretariat has announced the official web and mobile channels of the Iranian festival as follows:


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@iranwebandmobile


Castbox: https://castbox.fm/channel/id5775530

Telegram: https://t.me/iwmf_ir
Reporter : Qomnews Editorial
Translator : Fatemeh Khoshroo
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