Wednesday 16 December 2020 - 23:59
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Source : Qomnews

Qom seminary officials pedaled on Car-Free Tuesday

Qomnews : A number of officials of Qom’s seminary rode bikes in the city as a part of the country’s ‘Car-Free Tuesdays’ campaign.
Qom seminary officials pedaled on ‘Car-Free Tuesday’
Qom seminary officials pedaled on ‘Car-Free Tuesday’
On its 15th week, the ‘Car-free Tuesdays’ campaign was held with the presence of the officials of the Qom seminary management center.

In this week’s campaign, officials from the Qom Seminary Management Center, the Qom Municipality Cultural and Sports Organization, and the Qom Province Cycling Board pedaled from the beginning of the Great Prophet (PBUH) Boulevard to the Jamkaran Holy Mosque.

Every week, one of the government organizations and institutions takes part in this campaign, which is held Tuesdays at 7:30 AM at the invitation of the members of the Working Group on Health and Clean Transport, to promote a culture of using clean transportation.

The ‘Car-Free Tuesdays’ initiative is aimed at reducing one-manned vehicles and encouraging people to use public transports for daily trips.

It should be noted that despite efforts by Iran’s Department of Environment (DoE) and anti-air pollution campaigns, the use of bicycles has failed to gain widespread popularity across the country. However, the public’s positive reaction to a recently launched challenge has raised hopes to this end.

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